• Adult Cardio Tennis at KCTC

    Are you ready to up your fitness and have fun? Introducing Cardio Tennis at Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club, the perfect blend of tennis and cardio workouts. Our Cardio Tennis sessions will run from 12-1pm for 4 weeks starting on Saturday 17th February 2024. Places are limited so early booking is advised. Signup using the form at the bottom of this page.

    Why Cardio Tennis?

    • Burn Calories: Burn up to 600 calories per hour while enjoying the excitement of playing tennis.
    • Boost Endurance: Improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your stamina with fast-paced drills and intense rallying.
    • Total Body Workout: Get a total-body workout that targets your arms, legs, core, and more.
    • Social and Fun: Enjoy the social aspect of Cardio Tennis in a group setting.
    • Enjoy the Outdoors: Say goodbye to exercising indoors! Experience the fresh air and sunshine while honing your tennis skills.
    • Expert Coach: Our experienced cardio tennis coach will guide you through the sessions, ensuring you get the most out of your Cardio Tennis experience.

    Get ready to have a blast with Cardio Tennis at Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club!