• Club Rules



    The following rules shall govern the use of the premises of Kilfeacle Community Association and Tennis Club unless altered by the Executive Committee as it may see fit from time to time.

    Kilfeacle Community Association and Tennis Club Rules

    The following rules & etiquette shall govern the use of the premises of Kilfeacle Community Association and Tennis Club unless altered by the General Committee as it may see fit from time to time.


    • The rules of play shall be those adopted by the Irish Lawn Tennis Association.
    • Each and every member has a responsibility towards the best interests of Kilfeacle Community Association and Tennis Club to ensure its long term success and survival. Please treat the club as you would your own property and take responsibility to ensure its continued success.
    • Members should treat the courts, the clubhouse and its environs with respect and ensure that no damage is caused to the court surface or other club property.
    • Members should behave with the utmost courtesy at all times and consideration should be given towards other members, particularly those playing on court.
    • If you need to cross a court that is occupied to access yours, please only cross in between points.
    • You call the ball on your side of the net. If you saw the ball out, it is out and your opponent has to accept it with good grace.  But you have to be sure. If you are in any doubt, the ball is in! If you think (or even know) your opponent has made a bad call, you can ask once (per point) for clarification and that’s it. No matter how flagrant a bad call, you can’t argue. If there’s an official, you can ask for a referee to make calls, but it’s impolite to keep challenging the same call — and, you might be wrong! 
    • It is the server’s responsibility to keep the score and the easiest way is to announce the score at the beginning of each point. If you’re serving, make sure to call the score before every point. This not only lets your opponent know you’re ready to serve, but also prevents score disputes later.
    • Foot faults may only be called by an official standing on court or by a chair umpire. Players may be requested to correct their foot faulting problem by a referee or Court Supervisor, who will require the player to make an effort during the match to rectify the problem. The receiver may not call a foot fault against the server.
    • Indoors areas in the community hall including changing rooms and indoor bathrooms cannot be used from the hours of 08:30 - 12:30, Monday - Friday from Mon 30th August 2021 until Fri 24th June 2022. The external bathroom facilities can be used at these times if required.
    • The kitchen and hall areas must be kept clean and in the event of a match or tournament, it is the responsibility of the organizing person(s) to ensure that the premises are left in a clean and proper state.
    • The club accepts no responsibility for any items lost or stolen on club premises. It is the responsibility of each individual to take care of his/her property.
    • Have fun! The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts – the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.
    • Do not retrieve a ball from another court while their point in still in progress. Please wait until they finish their point.
    • If you are around the tennis courts but not playing, please keep noises to an appropriate level and respect members who are playing.
    • Be respectful of your opponent. While it’s fine to celebrate your successes it’s not polite to pump your fists, hiss “yes” or high-five spectators when your opponent makes an error.
    • Apologise if you win a lucky point or if you accidentally hit your opponent with a ball.
    • Don't ask players on the court when they are going to finish, or otherwise interrupt their match. You may politely ask the score at a suitable break in play.
    • Players shake hands with each other after the match with the loser(s) congratulating the winner(s) and the winners saying, “Nice Match”.
    • Whether you turn it off, keep it on vibrate, or toss it into a nearby stream, don’t let your phone ring during a match.
    • Any event where alcohol is going to be used should be previously notified to the committee.
    • Any breach of club rules will be dealt with by the committee.

    Booking Courts

    • All senior members have equal rights to use the courts on any day or evening, except when courts are reserved by the committee for club competitions or other club events or activities.
    • Preference shall be given to members who have pre-booked a court. Unbooked courts shall be occupied on a “first come first served” basis. This should be decided on the basis of the first full group waiting for the court to be vacated. A booked court that has not been occupied by 15 minutes past the hour shall be deemed unbooked.
    • All court activity must be booked using the online ebooking system. Court bookings and rules are available on website under court booking section.

    Juniors Members 7-18yrs 

    • Kilfeacle Community Association and Tennis Club have adopted the Tennis Ireland Child Protection Guidelines as its policy in relation to child protection.


    IMPORTANT The onus will always be on the parents/guardians to accept responsibility for their children while they are on club property. The club will not accept any responsibility for juniors unsupervised at anytime. From a health and safety issue, it is important that this ruling is strictly adhered to.




    Court Safety and Court Etiquette

    • Please be advised not to use the courts if there is excessive rain or if there is ice present on the courts. In the event of thunder and lightning please vacate the courts for your own personal safety.


    It’s your club!!! Kilfeacle Community and Tennis Club is run by its members for its members on a voluntary basis. Give generously of your time and do your bit for K.C.T.C.

    Any question not provided for by the above written shall be decided by the General Committee whose decision shall be final and binding unless otherwise decided by a General Meeting of the Club.

    The committee always welcomes suggestions and feedback from members.