• Court Booking Rules

    1. Club members must book courts using eBooking online system at https://www.ebookingonline.net/box/268
    2. For Phase1 of Covid-19 reopening, Peak hours are defined from Sunday through Sunday from 7pm – 10pm. Otherwise, peak hours are defined from Sunday through Friday from 7pm – 10pm. All day and evening on Saturdays is classified as off-peak.
    3. Members can book courts from 12pm (midday) up to 8 days in advance
    4. Adult members can only book 1 hour per day during peak periods.
    5. Members can only have two concurrent peak bookings in the booking system. For example, if you book a court on Monday and Wednesday, you cannot book another game until the Monday game is played.
    6. The member name used to book the court must be the person that plays on the court at the booked time
    7. Where courts are booked but then no longer required, members are encouraged to cancel them as soon as the cancellation is known. This ensures that courts are freed up for other members to book.