• Get Involved in KCTC 

    KCTC is a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation that depends on its members to operate. All members are welcome and encouraged to assist in any way possible. There are two ways to get involved in the club.

    1. Sign up to the KCTC volunteer list here. This is a list of members that are willing to help from time to time. It is ideal for members wishing to get involved without the full commitment of being on a committee. The idea is simple, event organisers will get in touch with those on the list if extra hands are needed
    2. Join the committee: The club is operated by the main committee that coordinates the management and operations of the club with a number of other sub-committees that organise specific areas such as leagues, organise social events, or work on capital projects.

    The section below tries to answer some basic questions about what it is like to volunteer for the club committee. Alternatively, if you have a specific question about helping out, feel free to email info@kilfeacletennis.ie.

    Why should I join a committee at KCTC? 

    KCTC is run and organised by volunteers that are all club members. Without the support of members on committees, the club cannot operate. Being on a committee also brings with it many positives such as:

    • Getting to know other members in the club who are from a wide range of backgrounds and skills
    • Develop organisational and leadership skills
    • Learning about the governance, structures, and regulation of the sports club 
    • Having a say in what events take place and how they are run


    How often do the committees meet?

    Subcommittees tend to meet as necessary on an ad hoc basis, perhaps about 4/5 times a year in the run-up to an event or the start of a league. Meeting duration will vary depending on what needs to be done but on average meetings last approximately an hour.


    I only joined the club recently, am I still eligible to join a committee? 

    Absolutely, we would be delighted to see new members get involved here in KCTC. One of the biggest advantages of joining any committee is that it is a way to get to know other members. Just to be clear, members of all ages and playing tennis at any level are all very welcome. The more diversity and representation from across all the members on the committee the better.


    What kind of tasks might I end up doing if I join a committee?

    The tasks can vary hugely but where possible the committee will try to play to people’s strengths and preferences. Some examples might be that:

    • As a social committee member, you might be asked to sell event tickets to other members or organise the booking of a venue for a social event
    • A leagues committee member might be asked to help organise leagues schedules or purchase the prizes for the league's finals 
    • A junior league committee member might help supervise a family/junior event. They could be asked to do the registration at a junior tournament, or help supervise a junior activity some evening


    Can I help without the full commitment of being on a committee?

    Yes, of course. You don’t have to be on a committee, you can just give us your name by signing up to the volunteer register above. Feel free to tell us the type of work you think you could help with. Don’t worry if you are unsure as we can suggest activities for you. For example:

    • If you like working outdoors, you could help with the maintenance of the club once or twice a year.
    • If you are interested in communications you could help with our social media channels.
    • If you are a graphic designer or web designer, you could help create event posters or maintain the KCTC website
    • If you have skills in construction, architecture or finance, you could help with grant applications.

    All skill sets are welcome.


    I want to join a committee, how do I go about it?

    In most cases, the best thing to do is to contact a committee member, text the club phone or email the club and a committee member will get in contact with you.