• KCTC Online Payments

    This online payments page allows KCTC Members to pay membership, league payments, visitor green fees and other items through your Paypal account or by credit / debit card.

  • KCTC 2020 Membership Payments

    KCTC  Annual Membership Payments for New & Existing Members


    Please note:

    • Membership runs from February to January each year, e.g. if you join in September, membership must be renewed again in February.
    • If you are a new member to the club, once you have completed payment below, download and complete the KCTC 2020 Membership Form at https://kilfeacletennis.ie/kctc-membership-form-2020/. Once completed, the easiest way to get the membership form to us is to just use your phone to photograph and email the completed membership form (both sides of form) to info@kilfeaceltennis.ie. Alternatively, just post the completed forms to: Membership Secretary, Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. E34 YP98. Please email us to let us know the forms have been posted.
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  • 2020 Annual Membership in Staged Payments over 8 Months

    2020 Membership in Staged Payments over 8 Months (Previous 2019 Members Only)

    Previous 2019 members can now avail of Annual membership payments but staged over 8 months via Paypal. This must be commenced by the end of June 2020 to be availed of. Please note that if membership is commenced and then subsequently terminated before the 8 payments are completed, the outstanding payments amount will have to be paid prior to rejoining in 2021.

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  • KCTC Visitor Tennis Green Fees

    Please note that from the 29th June 2020, guest players are allowed to play at the club again but must provide contact tracing information. Guest players must be playing with a current 2020 member.

    Please read Rules on Visitor Tennis Fees 

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  • February 2020 Junior Coaching

    The following form can be used to register and pay for KCTC Junior coaching starting in February 2020. This is a 5 week coaching block commencing on Wednesday 26th February or Friday 28th February. 

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  • March 2020 League Payment

    Please use the form below to register and pay for the KCTC 2020 March league starting on the week of Monday 2nd of March . Please note that players entering the March 2020 league must be 2020 KCTC members.

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  • KCTC Club Gear Payment
    KCTC Club Gear Payments for Polo Shirts & Zip Tops
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  • KCTC Beginners Lessons Payments
    KCTC 4 Week Beginners Lessons September 2019 €30
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