• KCTC 2020 Summer Ladders

    KCTC 2020 Summer Tennis Ladders

    New for the summer of 2020, KCTC has a series of tennis ladders to get you out playing while COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

    In total, there are 4 ladders to enter as follows:

    • Men's Singles 
    • Women's Singles
    • Mixed Singles 
    • Family Doubles - two players of which both members must be from the same household. Family teams can comprise of two adult members or alternatively one adult and one junior member from the same household. There are no restrictions on combinations of gender and a team may comprise of two male, two female or male and a female team member.

    Players can enter multiple ladders and players from the same household can also enter multiple teams with different household members.

    Ladders have now commenced but can be joined at any time if a KCTC member wishes to participate.

    Why Enter the KCTC Summer Ladders
    • Increase your opportunities for matchplay with other players in the club. 
    • Play doubles tennis based on family/household teams
    • Get to know other players in the club
    • Play at a day/time that suits your schedule with a "Propose a Match" option on Tennisrungs
    • Improve your level of tennis - ladder based competitions by their nature help motivate you to play more and improve.


    How long will the Summer Ladders run for?

    The Summer Ladders will run for 10 weeks and open for play on 11th June 2020 and will close on 20th August 2020.


    Who can participate in the KCTC Summer Ladders?

    All KCTC members that have paid their 2020 KCTC membership fees (due on the 1st of February 2020) can participate in the Summer Ladders. 


    How much does it cost to participate in the KCTC Summer Ladders?
    The 2020 Summer ladders are free to enter for current 2020 KCTC members.


    How are games organised between participants in the Summer Ladders?

    All games and challenges are organised through the https://app.tennisrungs.com website. Participants can organise games at a time that is convenient to both players/teams. Courts can then be booked using the KCTC Ebooking System. It is the responsibility of the challenger to book the courts.

  • To enter in the KCTC ladder, KCTC Members should complete the following form at https://bit.ly/2AJTgSX to join the KCTC ladders system. On the evening of Thursday 11th June, you will then receive a free login to your accounts on tennisrungs.com , which will then allow you to challenge other players and find out their contact details so that you can arrange matches. The TennisRungs system also allows you to report the scores of matches which determines ladder rankings. If you have registered for ladders and do not receive an email with the tennisrungs login details by Thursday evening, please check your spam/bulk mail folder. If you still cannot located the email with login details, or cannot login with the details provided, email info@kilfeacletennis.ie.

  • What system is used to participate in the ladders?

    The ladder utilises the TennisRungs online ladder system. This is a different system to the ebookingonline system used to book courts in KCTC. It is designed specifically to manage and participate in tennis ladders. TennisRungs takes away all the hard work of administering and participating in a tennis ladder. Once you sign up to the KCTC tennis ladders, Tennis Rungs will give you feedback on:

    • How you are doing
    • What your ranking is
    • Who you can challenge
    • The record of your opponents
    • Contact information to schedule matches with your opponents
    • How your friends and other KCTC members are doing

    More information on the Tennisrungs system is available at https://info.tennisrungs.com/


  • What is a Tennis Ladder

    A tennis challenge ladder is a system where players are organised in a list (ladder). For the KCTC Summer ladders, the ladders will be points based to drive "activity" and a social aspect. In these ladder, matches can be "proposed" and "accepted" rather than having to only challenge one at a time.

  • General Information on the KCTC Summer Ladders

    Terms and Conditions

    By joining the KCTC Summer Ladders via the TennisRungs system, you are:

    • Declaring that you are 18 or more years of age.
    • Agreeing that where players are less that 18, such players must be registered by a parent/guardian using a parents email address and telephone number. All bookings must be arranged by a parent/guardian and a parent/guardian must be present at all times for games played as part of a ladder.
    • Agreeing that your name and scores can be displayed on or via the public KCTC website.
    • Agreeing that your email address can be shared with other members of the KCTC Summer Ladders via the TennisRungs system.

    The Guiding Principle behind these rules is to encourage matches for singles players and teams formed from members of a household by providing an easy way to put like-minded players in touch with each other.


    KCTC Club Ladder Rules

    For the 2020 Summer Ladders, ladders will be points based as opposed to ladder rank based. Competitors will be allowed to issue both challenges or proposals of matches.

    A challenge is directly between two players. If a player accepts the challenge, the players later organise a time that suits both of them. Challenges can be accepted directly by clicking on the link in the email sent to the player that has been challenged or can also be accepted in the tennisrungs app/website.

    A proposal is where a player wants to play with anyone available on the ladder and broadcasts this to everyone on the ladder that they want a game. This is a really good option if you want to play at a time that suits you e.g. 9am Friday morning and just see if anyone is available and wants to play. When you issue a proposal, it goes to all players on the ladder and the first one to accept the proposal on tennisrungs gets the game. If you get a proposal, please do not email or text the player directly to accept it. You have to accept it in the tennis rungs app or website. Otherwise, multiple players will be contacting the challenger for a game that may already be accepted. Once a proposal is accepted, it will no longer be available in the tennisrungs app or website to accept. So if you can't see a proposal that was previously made, it's probably already accepted by someone else.

    Ladder rankings will be points based as opposed to overall ladder position based and points will be allocated as follows:

    • Each match participant will receive 2.00 point(s).
    • The match winner will receive 5.00 points.
    • Each set won will earn each player 1.00 point.
    • Going three sets will earn each player 2.00 points.
    • Winning in straight sets will earn a player 1.00 points.
    • The players are then ranked from the highest point total down.
    • Players must issue all challenges using the TennisRungs.com website. However, as this is a new system for some players, it is also recommended that players send a text message notifying the other player of the challenge.
    • Match winners will be determined based on best of 3 sets comprising of two shorts sets (first to 6) with no advantage and a tie-break in the case of a third set. i.e. first to 7 point tie-break and win by at least two points.

    Your ladder admin is Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club and can be emailed at ladders@kilfeacletennis.ie if you have any questions.


    What is the minimum age for players enter the KCTC Summer Ladders?

    Junior Players must have attained the age of 11 years by 31st December 2020 (U11 2020) or above. 

    What is required to issue or accept challenges on a ladder?

    If you have a smartphone, the easiest way to make or accept challenges is by using the Tennisrungs app. This is available on the Google Playstore for Android devices and the Apple Apps Store for IOS. Once the app is installed on your phone, just use your tennisrungs.com username and password to login.

    If you don't have a smart phone, you can also use your email address to accept challenges and a Web enabled PC, Table or phone to enter results and also to issue challenges. While not required, it is recommended that challenges sent through the TennisRungs system should also be sent to the person/team challenged by text message. 


  • How to Login to the KCTC Summer Ladders

    Once you have signed up for the KCTC Summer Ladders and you have received an email to confirm that your tennisrungs.com account is created, you can then login to the KCTC Summers ladders on the Tennisrungs system using either a web browser or a mobile app.

  • Using Tennisrungs on the Web

    Login to Tennisrungs on the web

  • Using the Tennisrungs Mobile App

    Please note that there is currently an issue with this app and it does not allow challenges to be issued. Tennisrungs.com are aware of the issue . Until this is resolved, please use https://app.tennisrungs.com for all ladder interaction.

    KCTC members can also download the tennisrungs free mobile app to make challenging and reporting scores a whole easier. Download for free in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.