• April 2024 League Rules

    All participants in Club Leagues must agree to the following rules: 


    Match Scheduling, Substitution and Communication with other Players

    Participants are required to join the WhatsApp group for their court. Links to these groups can be found on the league sheets. Please exit these groups upon completion of the league.

    • Matches may only be rescheduled with the unanimous agreement of all four players. A preference for using a substitute rather than rescheduling a match is encouraged.

    • It is your responsibility to arrange for your own substitute should you be unable to play a match.

    • Repeated infringement of rules regarding rescheduling and substitutes may lead to exclusion from future leagues.

    • Substitutes must be of the same gender as the player being replaced. They must be of the same or a lower grade. For example, a Grade 4 player cannot substitute for a Grade 5 player, even if they compete on the same night. If in doubt regarding substitutions, please contact Claire Dawson or Ian Murphy for guidance.

    • Walkovers are discouraged as they contravene the spirit of the KCTC Leagues by depriving fellow participants of a match.

    • If a match is rescheduled (especially those starting at 7pm or 8:15pm), it is important to inform other players on your sheet of the availability of an earlier court via the WhatsApp group.

    • Note that there will be no league matches on Monday 29th April through to Thur 2nd May due to the Kilfeacle Mixed Tournament. 


    Score Recording

    • The score recorded on the sheet is deemed the official score. Both teams must concur with the score and note it on the score sheet immediately following the match.


    League Sheets

    • It's important to note that league sheets are subject to modifications, particularly within the first week of release. For the most up-to-date match schedules, always refer to the live link emailed to you and avoid referring to screenshots or saved images of sheets.


    Equipment and Facilities

    • Players are required to provide their own tennis balls, except on Finals night, when they will be supplied by the club.

    • Lighting is provided at no extra cost for scheduled league matches only. Should you need to reschedule a match, a fee for lighting will be incurred. Please ensure lights are turned off after use if the court is not in use. If you observe lights left on a neighbouring court, please turn them off. Light switches are located in the exterior bathroom.


    Conduct, Sportsmanship and League Committee Adjudication 

    • In case of a disagreement during a point, a let should be offered, meaning the point is replayed, even if it was a second serve.

    • Participants are encouraged to display exemplary sportsmanship - acknowledging good shots from opponents is encouraged. Irrespective of a match's outcome, it's proper etiquette to meet your opponent at the net and offer congratulations. Aim to win with grace and accept defeat with dignity.

    • The League Committee retains the authority to adjudicate on any matters pertaining to the leagues and qualifications for finals.



    • The league finals for the April 2024 League are scheduled for Thursday, 16th May. Finalists will be determined based on results recorded on score sheets by Tuesday, 14th May. Matches played after this date will not contribute to determining league finalists.

    • All finals matches are to be played on finals night.

    • Only one substitute is permitted per team on finals night. The criteria for suitable substitutes mentioned above apply. Should a full team be unavailable for Finals night, the next highest-scoring team will take their place.

    • In the event of a three-way tie for first place, the following criteria will be used to determine finalists: The teams that won both their matches against the other two teams will proceed. If each team has won one match against the others, the two teams with the highest overall number of games won will proceed. Should all teams have an equal number of games won, the two teams with the greatest number of 12-point games will proceed.


    The Most Important Rule

    •  Enjoy your tennis!