• League Rules

    All participants in Club Leagues must agree to the following rules:

    1. The score on the sheet is the official score. Both teams must agree on the score and write on the score sheet immediately after the match.
    2. All scores must be posted on the scoreboard legibly by the cut-off date outlines on the league sheets. Finals will be based on these results posted by the date indicated on league sheet. Results recorded after this date will not be used to determine league finalists.
    3. Where a team does not turn up as scheduled and does not agree an alternative in advance, a walkover of 12-0 will be awarded against the team.
    4. Tennis balls are to be provided by players, except for Finals night where they will be supplied by the club.
    5. Lights are provided for free for your scheduled league matches only. However, if you reschedule your league match, lighting fees must be paid. Please turn off the lights on your court if the court is not in use after you. If you see lights left on in an adjacent court, please switch them off. Light switches are located in the outside bathroom.
    6. Matches cannot be rescheduled unless all four players agree to reschedule. Preference must be given to the use of a sub over the rescheduling of a match.
    7. If you cannot play a match, it is your responsibility for getting your own sub. If you fail to arrange a sub, unfortunately this will result in a 12-0 forfeit.
    8. Persistent violation of rule 6 & 7 may result in non-inclusion of future leagues.
    9. Where subs are used, males can only subs for males, and females only for females. Subs nominated must be from the same or later weeknight and in all cases can only be the same or lower grade of the player they are substituting for. i.e. a grade 4 player cannot sub for a grade 5 player even if they play on the same league night. If unsure about subbing, contact Claire Dawson or Ian Murphy for clarification.
    10. Please ensure that you join the WhatsApp group for the court you are playing on. Links and QR Codes to joint these groups are provided on the league sheets. Please leave these groups once the league is compelted.
    11. If your have agreed to reschedule a match (particularly 7pm or 8:15pm starts), please inform other players on your sheet using the WhatsApp group as to the availability an earlier court.
    12. All finals matches must be played on the finals night.
    13. There can only be one sub on a team for finals night. The rules above in regards to suitable subs will apply. If the full team cannot play on Finals night, the next highest scoring team available will be substituted.
    14. In the event of three teams tied for first place,  the following rules will decide as to who plays the final
    1. The teams who won both their games against the other two teams go through.
    2. If each team only won one game against the others then the two teams with the highest number of games won overall go through.
    3. If all teams have the same amount of games won then the two teams with the most number of 12s go through.
    1. If there is a disagreement during a point, offer a let. In other words, replay the point, even if it was a second service. 
    2. Always display good sportsmanship - compliment your opponent on good shots. Regardless of the outcome of a tennis match, it's proper etiquette to meet your opponent at the end of the game and congratulate them on the win. Win with grace and lose with dignity. 
    3. Most importantly enjoy your tennis!