• League Rules

    All participants in Club Leagues must agree to the following rules:

    1. Club Phone number is 0879661344. Please save this number on your phone and only reply to this number.
    2. Score on sheet is the official score - NO ARGUMENT. Both Teams must agree score and write on score sheet immediately after the match.
    3. Tennis balls to be provided by players, except for finals night where they will be supplied by club.
    4. Lights will only be available on official league nights. If unscheduled play or match rescheduled you must use tokens.
    5. Light tokens are available from Philip McLoughlin or Jacinta Coman.
    6. Where a team does not turn up as scheduled and does not agree an alternative in advance, a walkover of 12-0 will be awarded against this team.
    7. Matches to be played within the week. Male subs only for males, and only players from your section to sub for you.
    8. If unsure/subbing outside section Ring Claire Dawson or Tadhg O'Driscoll or Ian Murphy for clarification.
    9. All scores must be posted on score board legibly at least two nights prior to finals.
    10. Please note that all finals are to be played on the FINALS night. If team in finals cannot play, next highest scoring team available will be substituted.
    11. If team in finals cannot play on finals night, next highest scoring team available will be automatically substituted for finals.
    12. Respect opponents and always shake hands at the end of a match. Use your best efforts in matches. Win with grace and lose with dignity.
    13. Most importantly enjoy your tennis!