• KCTC Move It Charity Challenge

    Get moving, contribute to a great cause and be in with a chance to win vouchers of up to €100 towards 2021 KCTC membership.


    Want to get moving more, have fun and contribute to a great cause? Then the KCTC Move IT Charity Challenge is for you. You can decide how much you want to walk/run in the month of the challenge but the aim is to get out and active. The challenge runs from 20th February until 20th March 2021. 

    As a bonus, there are a number of draws available when a donation to the SVP Tipperary Town Conference fund is made on Paypal below:

    • Everyone that donates to the SVP Tipperary Town Conference below will be automatically entered into a draw for a €25 voucher towards a 2021 KCTC membership. You do not need to partake in the Nike challenge for entry the €25 draw.
    • Walk 50km in the Move IT Charity Challenge - you will be entered into a draw for a €50 voucher towards a 2021 KCTC membership.
    • Walk 100km in the Move IT Charity Challenge - you will be entered into a draw for a €100 voucher towards a 2021 KCTC membership.

    How to Enter:

    1. To take part in the challenge, you need to install the Nike Run Club (NRC) App. You can download Nike Run Club (NRC) app from the Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store and set up an account using your email address.
    2. Add moveit@kilfeacletennis.ie as a friend on the NRC App. If you are unsure about how to do this, please see the frequently asked questions section at end of this page.
    3. Using the form below, make a donation to St Vincent de Paul of between €5 to €20. 100% of your donation will be given to St Vincent de Paul (Tipperary Town Conference).
    4. You will then be invited to the KCTC Move IT Charity Challenge. Please ensure you accept the challenge in the app once invited.
    5. Once the challenge opens on the 20th of February, log your steps using the NRC App. Within the NRC app, there will be a challenge leader board of KMS clocked up by everyone entered until the 20th March, so there is a bit of a fun/social element to the challenge.
    6. Draw winner will be announced on the 28th March 2021 at 7 pm.

    If you have any difficulties entering or getting set up on the Nike Run Club App, please email moveit@kilfeacletennis.ie and we will assist in getting you setup.

    The event is open to everyone and not limited to KCTC members. Spread the word...

    Enjoy the challenge and have fun!!

  • KCTC Move It Charity Challenge Entry Form

    Please complete the form below to enter the KCTC Move IT Charity Challenge. Please ensure that you use enter the email address that you used to setup your Nike Run Club App account so you can be added to the KCTC Move IT Charity Challenge. 100% of the entry will be given to St Vincent de Paul (Tipperary Town Conference)

    Donate to St Vincent de Paul (Tipperary Town Conference).
    Full Name
    Email Address used for Nike Run Club App
    Do you wish to take part in the Move IT Charity Challenge
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I add KCTC as a friend on the Nike Run Club App

    Once you have installed and logged into the Nike Run Club App:

    1. Click on the friends icon on the bottom of the screen 
    2. Click on the add friend icon on the top right of the app
    3. Click on the search magnify icon on the top right and enter KCTC
    4. You should see "KCTC Move It Charity Challenge" and click the + symbol and add as a friend.

    Once we receive the friend request, you will be invited to the KCTC Move It Charity Challenge. Once invited to the challenge, you will need to accept the challenge. Please ensure that you have completed the SVP donation to be added to the challenge.


    I've been added as a Friend of KCTC but am not seeing the challenge or the other people taking part in it

    You need to accept the challenge in the Nike Run Club App for steps to be counted against the challenge. Otherwise steps get counted but do not appear as part of the challenge. To accept the challenge, click on the friends icon on the bottom of the app and then the challenges tab at the top, you should see the challenge listed as an invitation. You have to open the invitation and click “Accept” and then the challenge should be setup for you.


    What can I do if my runs are not being fully captured

    If any elements of your Nike Run Club runs are missing from your activity history, it could be due to an issue with Fitness Tracking or GPS.

    On iOS devices, you’ll need to enable Fitness Tracking so the Nike Run Club App can track your runs. You can enable Fitness Tracking from your iPhone’s settings—just follow these steps:

    1. Tap the "Settings" app icon.
    2. Scroll down and tap "Privacy," then tap "Motion & Fitness."
    3. Move the slider to turn on "Fitness Tracking."
    4. Close and reopen the NRC App so the change can take effect.

    To ensure your activity is fully captured, be sure to also follow these best practices (on both iOS and Android devices):

    • Enable Location Services on your device before running outdoors.
    • Check that you've toggled your run to Outdoor mode.
    • Turn off Low Power Mode so your GPS map fully tracks your run.
    • Wait 10-15 seconds after you open the app before starting your run.
    • Start your run in an area with a clear line of sight to the sky.

    As long as you're following these best practices, you should be able to head to the Activity tab in your NRC App, select a run and view details such as your route, pace, duration, and estimated calories burned.