• Tennis for Hurlers

    KCTC is starting a new series of sessions for current or former hurlers looking to get started in tennis. The Tennis for Hurlers Program is an accelerated introduction into tennis using some of the skills you already have from hurling!

    Why Tennis?

    Tennis and hurling share crucial skills that make hurlers naturally equipped to excel in tennis:

    • Hand-Eye Coordination: Perfect your swing timing from sliotars to tennis balls.
    • Speed & Agility: Use your footwork and quick movements to traverse the court.
    • Strategic Thinking: Apply your game-reading and tactical awareness to tennis gameplay.



    • Where? Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club
    • When? Saturday 18th May 2024
    • Time: 10:30am - 12pm
    • Fee: €15 per 90-minute session, payable on a per session basis



    Sessions are delivered by Bryan Stewart. Bryan is a Level 4 Tennis Ireland Coach (Highest Level in Ireland) and also a Strength and Conditioning Coach, a former Ireland and Munster Team Coach with over 20 years of Local, National and International Tennis Coaching Experience.


    If interested, please sign-up using the form below.